Thursday, April 26, 2007

Weaponization of Space

Today I want to direct your attention to Condoleeza Rice's statement today regarding anti-missle defense systems they are wanting to deploy in Russia.

I also want to reintroduce Dr. Carol Rosin whom we have discussed previously. She is an important person pertaining to Rice's comments, reiteration is necessary. Dr. Rosin has accomplished many things in her career.

She was the official spokesperson for
Dr. Werner Von Braun. Von Braun was one of the scientists brought over from Germany at the end of WWII and his expertise with rocketry was largely responsible for the US making it to the moon.

He was also head of NASA for a short time.

Dr. Rosin was also responsible for coining the term 'Star Wars Missle Defense System' during the Reagan years, referring to Reagan's SDI.

In 2001, Dr. Rosin spoke in Washington, DC with other top level military wintnesses in a 2001 public Disclosure Event connected with the National Press Club. You can see her testimony here.

Dr. Rosin's testimony included information from conversations she had with Dr. Von Braun-that the main purpose of space based missles were for use as weapons against ETs, which he knew existed at this time.

Von Braun also stated to her that the US was going to contrive certain enemies by which to justify these space based weapons. The first enemy was the Russians with the Cold War, the second was the Middle East and rogue nations, and the last card would be a hoaxed ET threat from outer space. Dr. Rosin stated that Von Braun repeated to her over and over that she could not allow this to happen. This was the reason for her adamant opposing of the SDI system.

Rice's comments now and Reagan's SDI initiative when he was in office is a realization toward this threat. Click here to see several different times when Reagan spoke of a possible ET threat from outer space.

Other witnesses that spoke at this event also gave testimony that ETs are not here to attack us but to help us. They seem to be concerned about nuclear missles and danger to our planet from nuclear power generators.


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