Thursday, December 04, 2014

Ukraine vs. Russia vs. United States

Next week I am giving a speech at our local toastmasters meeting and these are my notes for that. You can watch real time throughout the week as I continue to update.

There are 3 main characters in the Ukraine/Russian situation.

Poroshenko-President of Ukraine

Putin-President of Russia

Yanukovych-Ousted President of Ukraine

The news media tells you that Yanukovych had protesters in Kiev killed by police and that's why they ran him out of office. The truth is George Soros, who has publically admitted on network news that he started the whole Ukrainian uprising, hired homeless people at $100/day to protest and then hired Neo Nazi thugs on building rooftops and they shot and killed the protesters. Then the news machine in Ukraine spread the news that Yanukovych did it and they ran him out of town and replaced with Poroshenko. Yanukovych, by the way, was an elected leader, elected by a legal election, and Yanukovych was appointed to take over.

This is another thing the American media likes to point out, that the old Ukrainian government was against democracy.

For many years, in Ukraine there has been this division between Ukrainians that speak the Ukrainian language and Ukrainians that speak the Russian language. The differences are minimal and the two languages can converse, but typically, Ukrainian speaking Ukrainians will not talk with Russian speaking Ukrainians.

The Ukrainian government has run with this social division and is in the process of exterminating Russian speaking Ukrainians. The news media likes to call these Russian speaking Ukrainians 'separatists'. As if the 'separatists' are going against the Ukrainian government to declare independence.

What the separatists are guilty of doing is defending their life and their property from a Ukrainian government that wants to and is killing them.

The American media likes to report that the Russians are invading Ukraine and must be stopped.

It would appear that if the Russians had been so committed to conquest of Ukraine that Russia would have more to show for it. When I mention this people always point to Crimea, referring to the often reported Russian occupation of Crimea.

Crimea is a Black Sea port with military arms, some nuclear. When Crimea saw what was going on in Ukraine, they did not waste anytime and happily invited the Russians to take control of their city. Crimea is a huge sticking point for Ukraine because it is a huge military advantage for Ukraine. Crimea, though is an independent country and has been for some time, not part of Ukraine and is certainly capable of making their own decisions. Every since this action Crimea as blossomed economically and has no regrets about this decision.

There are some interesting developments happening. The Ukraine government cannot pay it's soldiers and they cannot adequately clothe their soldiers. Furthermore, Russia is offering a safe haven for defecting soldiers, and it seems that the war effort in Ukraine is winding down. This is why you are starting to hear about NATO and Russia.

Russia has offered every generosity to Ukraine. When Poroshenko took over in Ukraine, they quit paying for the natural gas they get from Russia to heat their homes. Russia had every right to shut off Ukraine's gas and if Russia were indeed interested in expansionism, this would be a great way to start. However, Russia recently agreed to forgive the debt, but advised Ukraine from now on they would need to pay.

Russia is also offering safe haven, education and support for Ukrainians that want to get out of Ukraine.

We would hope that the United States would be in support of overthrowing a government not interested in democracy and killing innocent civilians. Instead the US has given billions of dollars in financial and military aid to Ukraine, and last week the House of Representatives, including our own Arkansas representative voted to go to war against Russia, taking us again to the brink of a feared WW 3. In fact, only 10 representatives voted against this measure.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Renewed Vigor-Ukraine

I started this blog many years ago, on a Thanksgiving. It started out as a personal expression, that slowly transitioned its way into a blog about my interest in the Hammond organ. Then I became informed about some crazy stuff going on with ETs and UFOs and their interaction with our world.I blogged heavily about that for awhile, which culminated in me asking New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson about the subject in front of 300 coworkers when he came to Dell in 2008. The main reason I decided to not continue the blog about that subject was because my articles quit showing up in search engines. The majority of the people that have visited my blog in the last few years were people searching for information about the Roland HP 1700 digital piano, a piano I used to own and have written some technical articles about here. Now, my attention has turned to events going on in Ukraine. Because of family that lives there I have become very aware of the fact that our media is lying to us in the West about what's really going on there. My challenges to the media are certainly nothing new if you have followed my blog before. We continue to find opportunities to speak out against the loss of our media as a balance to keep our government honest, as the founders of our country intended. Primarily this blog will index my reference materials and will serve to allow me a place to formulate my thoughts as I continue to speak out against what is going on there.

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Music On The Internet

Ok, haven't updated this site in awhile. But I notice people still come out to it. So while you are visiting here, head on over to and listen to some music that I have recorded. I just did a studio date with Little Rock Drummer Dave Rogers last weekend and will be doing another one this coming weekend with Concert Violinist Oksana, Director and Founder of Ovation Music Academy in Benton, AR, Again,

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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The ET Issue-Update

I haven't updated this blog in sometime, so I wanted to give a report on where I am with the ET issue and current events.

If you were following this blog before, you will note that at the beginning of Obama's term I posted some very positive comments regarding the election of the new President. Like the majority of the rest of the country I got caught up in 'Hope and Change' and hoped that he would deliver as promised-a more transparent government and complete withdrawal of troops from the Middle East. There were some rumblings during his campaign about his voting record in his previous position not running parallel to his campaign promises. Perhaps out of blind optimism I jumped on the bandwagon.

And I was particularly hopeful about the possibility of his disclosing the truth about ETs. Most of the ET researchers have been taking a 'wait and see' approach to the issue.

He might still do this. ET disclosure is the one thing that might save the Presidency of Obama. I wonder if he still might play that card, but I rather doubt it at this point. Since he bows to big business, and since big business has the most to lose in a paradigm change as dramatic as ET disclosure, I would say that chances are pretty slim.

Currently, the nation is getting swept away by Ron Paul. Running on the platform of smaller government, no more federal reserve and no more wars, Paul's message is consistent with his voting record of a lifetime of public service. And polls show that Paul may be the one to beat Obama.

Even as the Republican party and the media has been slow to embrace Paul, polls are also showing that the Democratic process is very much alive, and Thursday night's Fox debates showed Paul on fire and far superior to his opponents.

In regards to ET disclosure, history would show, and I think it would be safe to conjecture, that Paul has probably not been made privy to this information. As an anti-establishment candidate, he has probably not been let in the inner circle of those in the know. If we compare Paul with Kennedy, who was another anti-Federal Reservist, Kennedy also tried to get to the truth about ETs and was denied. Carter was denied by his CIA Director George HW Bush.

Paul has made little mention of ETs, other than to say he would look into the matter. But I still see the election of Paul as a positive step in this direction. As those of us familiar with the history of disclosure advocacy have seen over and over, a power hungry structure stands securely in the way of ET disclosure. This power structure needs to be broken up. It seems that no amount of advocacy work is making any large strides in this direction, though there may be much more going on behind the scenes. The recent response from the office of the President is the first time that any answer has come from this office regarding this issue. But the standard answer that there is 'no evidence though we continue to look' was rather disappointing considering the mountain of evidence that has been coming out in the last 10 years and all the countries that have disclosed their ET files.

Ron Paul finally presents us now with an opportunity for the walls of this power structure to be severely weakened. An attainment of small government would considerably weaken the current 'masters of the universe'. I believe also that key members of the Federal Reserve are in on the ET issue. Researcher Stephen Greer has stated that former Fed Chairman Allan Greenspan has been a key member of the modern day Majestic 12 program, the underground program believed to be overseeing the ET issue. Withdrawing our military from around the world and stopping the warmongering that the US continues to engage in would also be a positive step in weakening the Military Industrial Complex that Eisenhower so accurately warned us against.

And this is where most of my focus is currently directed these days. Facebook has been my primary outlet, posting articles that promote Paul's campaign. I occasionally find and post updates for Greer's program and other articles of interest, and I continue to participate in the Disclosure Movement where ever I can. But our best hope to get us closer to the truth lies with Ron Paul, whether he accomplishes this or not, and I hope you will join me in supporting his campaign.