Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama-The UFO Disclosure President?

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Update 12/12/09:

I invite readers to read the latest comment from Anonymous below this article. In case anyone else is inspired to get on their soapbox as Anonymous has, I invite you to read my most recent articles which reflect my current changed opinions on the matter. I will post that here in case one is unable to do that for whatever reason.

I wrote this article a year ago when the promise of 'Hope and Change' was in the air. Now that Obama has broken most if not all of his campaign promises, I am further discouraged as to a possible near term anticipated disclosure event with the recent news that Britain has shut down their UFO Disclosure Department. Britain, the Vatican and several other countries were putting pressure on the US towards disclosure. The only reason I can see that Britain would have backpedaled is if the US put pressure on them to do that.

I leave my original article untouched as a memory of the idealism and hope of that short lived era.

Now that the elections are over, the single biggest question is:

Will Barak Obama be the UFO Disclosure President?

Much speculation has been offered as to the pros and cons of this possibility. With John Podesta joining Obama’s team, it certainly seems that the foundation is there should such an effort be taken, as Podesta's interest in UFOs is no secret. But so much has already been made of these and of other indicators, perhaps another equally important observation may have been completely overlooked.

Within forty years, we have gone from an intensely racial society to one that would elect a Black individual to be the President of the United States. We have gone from a society where the White man has been ‘the man’ to one where the white man is no longer ‘the man.’ Obama has walked through that previously blocked door. Now, the US is no longer a white man’s world. It is one step closer to being everyone’s world. If nothing else positive has come out of the last eight years but the realization that the status quo is no longer acceptable, then it will all have been worth everything else our country had to go through to get to that point.

That Obama has won the election is a huge historical event, and this translates also to a huge step for the ET Disclosure process.

If the citizens of the world are going to put aside fears and prejudices and accept races from beyond Earth, we must be able to overcome these same differences within our own world. We must become less of a collection of people from different lineages, and become a truly united people of the Earth.

Obama’s victory represents a major healing of the wounds that we have in this country. Not that all is now perfect. Far from it. But the people of the United States have proven that we can join together and look deeper than our superficial differences. Contrary to comments made many years ago by President Reagan, we don’t need an extraterrestrial threat to unite the people of our broken world.

The whole Earth will someday unite in peace, one with another, and as an ‘us’, together with whoever is out there.