Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"They're signals, Jerry, signals!" Part II

"They're signals, Jerry, signals!" continued....


"No, she's just a friend."

One Saturday, my mom and I went to go eat at Jason's Deli in Beaumont. On the way home I saw Angie's car go by, and Angie was in the backseat, I think she was with her family.

She shot me an unusual, almost angry look that I would see again.

That next Monday, she asked me about the about the girl I was with in the car.

"That was my mom."

Thank God she didn't ask if that was who I liked.

Once I was in the hall and saw a cute blonde haired girl that I knew from band. I went to talk to her, and then out of nowhere Angie showed up. She had been observing the whole thing, and she shot me another mad look.

I didn't talk to the cute blonde haired girl either.

I drew terribly during this time.

The next year we didn't have any classes together but we had the same lunch, and I would see her in the hall.

We used to stare at each other from a distance in the cafeteria, both playing with our hair...I had long hair back then.

Once I went to get a drink of water out of the water fountain and when I was done, noticed that she was at the water fountain next to me.

Interesting coincidence, I thought to myself.

So why did I turn around before I went into class? Was it curiosity, a desire for one more look? A crick in my neck?

There she was, standing at the water fountain, looking back at me.

I now know what they mean when they say that deer get caught in the headlights.

What does one do in such a situation? There is a class to attend, Spanish to learn. Aren't violins supposed to be playing, and don't we break into a song and dance and live happily ever after?

Well, I had a class to go to. But as soon as I sat down in my desk it occurred to me that being at a water fountain at that moment in time was a little more important that the conjugation of Spanish verbs.

Thankfully the water fountain was still there.

But Angie wasn't.

After class, I was the first one out the door to look for her.

Never saw her. As I ran out to the parking lot I think I saw the tailights of her Celica racing towards the street.

After high school was over I was very upset, not realizing that after high school, that's pretty much it as far as seeing the same people everyday.

I continued to see her around town during the summers, I think the last time I saw her was at Parkdale Mall in Beaumont. She was hanging out with some long blonde haired guy. She was in a backless dress.

She had a pretty back.

"They're signals, Jerry, signals!"

"They're signals, Jerry, signals!"

I don't have a tv. I wouldn't have time to watch it if I did.

But I did have one for a short time. And during that time I discovered 'Seinfeld'. This was after it was into re-runs.

So I'm happy with my computer that can play my dvd collection of Seinfeld.

One of my favorite episodes involves a girl that Jerry met on the road who was coming to visit him in New York.

At first she was going to stay in a hotel, but then she telephoned Jerry and said that she couldn't find a decent hotel room and asked Jerry if she could stay with him.

Jerry accomodates her on this request and promptly rents a bed.

This a decision that flabbergasts his friend George.

"What do you mean she can't find a decent hotel room in New York City?"

"If you're going to get an extra bed, you might as well get an extra guy while you're at it!"

"They're signals, Jerry, signals!"

I don't get signals either.

Once, a few years ago at this church I saw this beautiful girl, and I thought I'd like to introduce myself. Usually I feel happy if I can just get a nice introduction. I wasn't prepared for her next statement.

"I'm going to the lake this afternoon to hang out with some friends on a yacht!"

I wasn't upset, but in my mind, I was thinking, why do people always rub it in how much fun they are having....

I told her that sounds like fun and I hoped she had a fun day. Then we awkwardly said goodbye, and I wandered off.

Just moments afterward, I said 'ouch' as the palm of my hand attacked my forehead, realizing what had just happened.

Similarly, I met a girl in high school the second half of my junior year.

I prayed blessings on the art teacher for sitting the new girl Angie across the art table from me.

We talked as much as I was able to, but I was completely beside myself.

I didn't think too much about it. Well, I thought a lot about Angie, but didn't read too much into what was happening, or not happening.

Once I had seen her with someone I knew from church. To make conversation with her I asked her if she knew my friend. She said yes, and then she asked me if that was who I liked. Of course I said no, and then she asked me who I did like.

My internal security team sent an all systems message that no, this is a secret, that she, no, that no one can ever know this confidential information.

The teacher started calling attendance, and speechless, I motioned to her that we needed to pay attention to this most important activity.

It happened once again, she was asking me about a friend who was a girl that I would eat lunch with sometimes.

"Is that who you like?"