Monday, January 12, 2015

My ET Story

Based on some writings Joseph Burkes has shared regarding prime contactees I decided to share some of my story. I don't consider myself to be such but I think that I was directed in this path. 

My interest in UFOs began when I was in fourth grade and we lived in Roswell. My dad was also interested in them and purchased what books were available. He got disenchanted because of the quality of books was not good, but I read them and was fascinated. During this time the US sent the first lander to Mars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind came out. I kept my eyes peeled to the screen whenever the Mars feeds were on, in case I might see someone walking around or vehicles. We saw CEIII not far from where the Roswell UFO Museum is today.  

At that time, there were stories that something might have happened regarding an ET spacecraft in Roswell, but I didn’t find out much about it.

I seemed to continue to have intersections. We only lived in Roswell a year and then moved, but in junior high I went back to Roswell to the old army air force base with my junior high band, to greet President Reagan. Grant Cameron references this visit on his website. Reagan made his speech right next to the hangar where the ET bodies were brought back from Corona. I don’t remember the UFO comments, I was just enamored to see someone important like that. That old air force base was probably the only place that the President's plane could land, but one has to wonder if Reagan knew the story and made a point to visit that hangar while he was there. 

After I graduated from college my uncle took me on a road trip to New Mexico. He was here from Germany, his wife was stationed in the Air Force there. He had base access so we visited some air force bases, and actually spent the night at Kirkland AFB. My uncle had some business to do there so I rode my bike all around the base, taking pictures, surprised no one stopped me. I saw the Sandia National Labs building there.

One town that we drove through that always fascinated me was Corona. Corona is an unusual town even without the UFO connection. As you go north, you look to the left and there is the town. On the right is a farm field. I was always fascinated by the bar there. It looks like an old western saloon, every time we drove past that town I always looked out the window and marveled at this strange place.

In 93 I was with my uncle. My family has never been a drinking family and I had at that point never stepped into a bar, but curiosity got the best of me and asked my uncle to stop so I could stick my head in that bar. I didn’t see much, just the wooden floor, the bar in the background and some most likely local patrons. The bright sun outside obscured my view of much detail of the place, and as quickly as I looked in, I left.

As fate would have it, a few days later we did visit the UFO Museum in Roswell, and paid to see the movie about the incident. This was my introduction to Roswell and UFOs, and then of course they showed Corona and the famous saloon where Mac Brazel first brought the strange debris from his ranch to the world. When that scene came on the screen I nearly fell out of my chair!

For a while I didn’t really hear much more about UFOs except to hear that crop circles were happening and they caught the old guys that did it.

So when it was announced a Catholic Priest would visit us and talk about ETs and Crop Circles I assumed there was nothing to it. Was I ever wrong! He introduced us to the works of Steven Greer and I immediately read and researched all I could find about him. I then checked out the more reliable sources about Crop Circles-the work done by Colin Andrews. I began to pray about the world and the powers within the world and prayed that I might have a role to play in the situation.

Sure enough, during Obama’s election, Bill Richardson from New Mexico came to where I worked in Austin, TX and I, in front of 200-300 coworkers asked him about ETs.  Somewhere on Grant’s page is the video of that question. He gave an interesting answer. He said I was polite to call them ETs and not aliens. I don’t know if he meant it as a joke but I think 'alien' for anyone is a racially charged term.  He also admitted he was denied access as Governor of New Mexico to find out anything about it.  I think this was an interesting answer-they did not confirm or deny, they just didn’t allow him access.

The last thing he asked me is if I want him to release all those files.  I said yes and he said he would work with me on that. This answer brought laughter to the audience, but he may have meant that he understands it has to come from the citizens.

One last thing I will mention-after I began CE 5 protocols I got an email from someone in my hometown. I did not know this person, we were to find out later in our eventual phone conversation that his Aunt and Uncle went to the same church that my grandparents did. He told me he had a dream about ETs and he didn’t know what to make of it. At the end of the dream he was given a business card with my name on it, indicating I was a UFO researcher. The next morning he googled my name and found my blog, which at the time was heavily dedicated to UFOs. It surprised him quite a bit. 


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