Thursday, November 27, 2014

Renewed Vigor-Ukraine

I started this blog many years ago, on a Thanksgiving. It started out as a personal expression, that slowly transitioned its way into a blog about my interest in the Hammond organ. Then I became informed about some crazy stuff going on with ETs and UFOs and their interaction with our world.I blogged heavily about that for awhile, which culminated in me asking New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson about the subject in front of 300 coworkers when he came to Dell in 2008. The main reason I decided to not continue the blog about that subject was because my articles quit showing up in search engines. The majority of the people that have visited my blog in the last few years were people searching for information about the Roland HP 1700 digital piano, a piano I used to own and have written some technical articles about here. Now, my attention has turned to events going on in Ukraine. Because of family that lives there I have become very aware of the fact that our media is lying to us in the West about what's really going on there. My challenges to the media are certainly nothing new if you have followed my blog before. We continue to find opportunities to speak out against the loss of our media as a balance to keep our government honest, as the founders of our country intended. Primarily this blog will index my reference materials and will serve to allow me a place to formulate my thoughts as I continue to speak out against what is going on there.


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