Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Asked Gov Bill Richardson About ETs And He Answered

This was my interesting day with Governor and Presidential Bill Richardson yesterday. I asked him about ETs.

It's all over Texas news today.

Thanks to Alfred Webre for his assistance.
Last week, when my company informed us about Presidential Candidate and New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson's visit today, they invited us to submit questions via email. I emailed mine asking what Richardson would do about ETs if he is elected President. I assumed that the questions would be picked from the submissions and mine would not get picked.

When I arrived at the meeting, I noticed that there were microphones set up in the aisles. The local press was there and they took some video for short coverage in the news. There were about 200-400 in attendance.

A member of our legal department introduced Richardson. After his personal introduction, he called for volunteers to ask questions. After a few questions were taken, people started lining up behind the mics. I went over to a mic where I would be the 3rd person in line to speak.

I was very nervous. I couldn't imagine it would be this easy to ask such a question. I looked around. I saw two agents standing near the door keeping an eye on Richardson. My heart was pounding out of my chest, and I tried not to focus on the room full of people-many co-workers unknown to me that were present, or what they might think of my question.

I asked God to stop me if I shouldn't do this. Out of all the horror stories you hear about people stepping out like this, I was really afraid I was going into some kind of no man's land.

Finally came my turn. I looked nervously at Governor Richardson and then at my notes. It went something like this:

'Governor Richardson, thank you for coming. I am intrigued by some comments you made in a book regarding the alleged 1947 UFO incident in Roswell. You stated that you felt the government had not come forward with the truth about this incident and that you felt it was time they do so.

'If you become President, do you intend to look into this and get to the bottom of what's going on?'

I asked it this way because he made the comments, they are in print, and he wouldn't be able to deny that he made them.

Richardson prefaced his answer and helped explain to the audience my question by saying that he wrote those comments because constituents were asking about the ET issue. He continued by saying that he asked people in the government about the Roswell incident and Richardson told us that the government told him it was classified, and that it ticked him off.

He said there should be more openness in government around this issue and others, for example the wiretapping issue.

Richardson noted to the audience that I was being polite by referring to them as ETs rather than aliens. He then asked me what I wanted. I said that Carter and Clinton had tried to look into it a little bit and they seemed to be scared of this issue. I asked him if he would look into it and get it done. I thought he said, 'Well of course!' with a great big smile, but most of the media is reporting he said he would work with me on that. I don't remember too clearly.

I thought that Richardson had really put himself way out there to admit publicly that the government had not been honest with him. He didn't have to say that today. And I thought that it was very appropriate that he made the comment that it was polite to refer to them as ETs rather than 'aliens'. I thought that was a very thoughtful call out.

Another thing I noticed is that even thought some in the audience kind of snickered when I first began my question, everyone started to come to attention as I paraphrased Richardson's own book comments and especially as he explained his experience with the government denying a response to his inquiry. It got very quiet, and they even applauded his answer.

At the onset of my question he did seem to be taken back a little. But I thought Richardson came across very open and willing to speak to the audience and address seriously the question, and that he was able to offer some important, if brief, subtle education to the audience as to the importance of the issue and how we should perceive ETs, rather than 'aliens'.

Since I was not able to record the event myself, I was hoping to be able to get coverage of the event taped from the news that evening. Even though I was working, I had friends monitor the TV stations to see if it made the news. The only thing about the event that was broadcast on local news was that Richardson came to town and visited a few places and met with some people. Around midnight, I saw that it was covered by most of the print media, and for this I am ecstatic that I got to be part of the Disclosure Movement, asking a person in government about ETs, and that I helped to expand the awareness of the issue to others.

Richard also expressed concern for the environment and concern that the war should end immediately, noting that one of Bush's aides has recently stated that more troops would not solve the problem.