Tuesday, June 05, 2007

No, Bush, the US is the Enemy

CNN reports Bush's response to Russia stating they are directing nuclear arms toward Germany because of US plans to go forward with missle defense systems.

He's stating that Russia is not the enemy but that concerns regarding 'rogue nations' are justifying ths.

We've been following this story here for the last few months. The US is wanting to build missile defense bases near Russia and Russia is not wanting to cooperate.

We've also been tying this in with Dr. Carol Rosin's testimony at the 2001 Disclosure Event held at the National Press Club in 2001. Dr. Carol Rosin was the late space wiz Werner Von Braun's personal assistant.

At the event, Dr. Rosin was warning that Dr. Von Braun knew first hand of factions within the government that were planning since the 1970s to initiate these missle defense systems.

The first reason would be Russia, the next reason given would be rogue nations. The last reason and the last card would be a hoaxed ET threat, the purpose would be to engage the ETs in a interplanetary war.

I have put Dr. Rosin's testimony up several times, but it is important enough that I will continue to put this up over and over again. We need to have the courage to hear this testimony and to be aware of what is real. We can laugh at ETs and things like this, but the end result of what our government is planning is very serious, and they are hiding behind the laughter.

Remember, her testimony was in 2001. The Russian threat is over, and she stated the next threat would be 'rogue nations'. President Bush is demonstrating the realization of this plan.