Saturday, September 15, 2007

More HP1700

Out of all the things I write about, I see that most of my readers are searching for information about the Roland HP1700 digital piano. I played a 1700 for many years before retiring it and purchasing a Yamaha P90.

I gave away my battered 1700 to a pianoless friend. In honor of this piano and for all you other 1700 fans, I post these pictures for you, taken in my old apartment that I left in July 2007 after 14 years of residency.

One more thing. This blog accepts anonymous comments. Please post your comments why you like the HP 1700 so much, what you were hoping to find, and what kind of info you would like to know about the HP1700. Thanks.

I had previously mentioned that this piano had gone out on me during a gig. I failed to even attempt to turn it on until the day I was giving it away.

It came right on.

I'm thinking we had one too many drinks on the piano, and the condensation caused it to temporarily shut down. After it had a chance to dry it was just fine.