Monday, March 16, 2009

Review: Dr. Michael Salla on Coast To Coast Last Night

Dr. Michael Salla and his colleague and friend Dr. Alfred Webre have been writing some very interesting articles recently on the Obama administration and ET disclosure.

Dr. Salla was interviewed last night on Coast To Coast with host George Knapp about this very issue. Some very interesting side issues came up.

Dr. Salla appeared to be a bit more cautious in regarding the question of whether or not Obama will 'go there'. He did point out the signs that point to the possibility-namely key members of his cabinet that are either known to be pro-disclosure or at least in the know about the issue. He took more of the approach that disclosure is a process.

He stated also that current movies out-'Return to Witch Mountain' and 'Monsters vs Aliens' are also a good sign that a preparation is underway.

I take issue with this assertion as these movies as well as many others continue to paint ETs as evil and war mongering, and I believe that these movies are preparing the public for a negative false flag ET event on the scale of 9/11.

Dr. Salla also pointed to Dr. Stephen Greer and the May 2001 Disclosure Event as a big influence on Dr. Salla getting involved in the ET issue. As a university teacher, Dr. Salla is highly trained in Political Science, and thus is where his concept of Exopolitics comes from.

Host George Knapp took issue with Dr. Salla on a few points, relating to Greer and the idea that ETs are no more interested in disclosing themselves to us than our own government is. He pointed to a statement by Whitley Strieber-all they have to do is land on the White House lawn. Mr. Knapp seems to be unaware that for several days in 1952 the ETs did almost just that, with many witnessing numerous ETs flying directly over the White House.

Mr. Knapp also took issue with the effect and importance that Greer has had on ufology, saying that many in the UFO community would take issue with Salla on that point. Mr. Knapp didn't give any specific examples but I'm sure his statement satisfied many members. Dr. Salla pointed back to the military witnesses that Greer was able to organize, and on the point Knapp had to concede.

Mr. Knapp also made reference to an unnamed source who revealed to him that the May 2001 Disclosure Event actually subverted a potential hearing that Congress was about to have.

Mr. Knapp was again caught napping by making this statement. During the time of the May 2001 event many members of Congress were briefed by Greer and his team of military witnesses. Even if such a congressional hearing were to have taken place in 2001 as Knapp claims, it was too little, too late. The last such hearing was in the late 50s, early 60s. Anyway, Greer states that he was working with government insiders at the time and gave the government every opporunity to take actio. He states he got the all clear to move forward with his event.

Dr. Salla's complimentary attitude towards Greer and even coming to his defense was very surprising given previous disagreements between Greer and Salla regarding the peacefulness of ETs. But Salla's recent articles reflect this same line of thought and show that there is enough room for professional respect and disagreement within the issue of UFOs.