Saturday, August 09, 2008

God's Grace and Glory Is Revealed in the Shortcomings of this World

Ever since reading Stephen Greer's 'Hidden Truth' I have been in some despair regarding decisions our country has taken.

If what Dr. Greer is saying is true, which is based on hundreds of witness testimony, the release of recovered ET technology would give everybody access to non-polluting energy in which to fuel our car and cool and heat our homes. Not only this, but it would balance the imbalance of power throughout the world and people of every country would have the same opportunities that we have here in America.

That last part has caused me great concern, that we have not been good caretakers in this world.

There is a country called Kajikistan. I may not be spelling it right, so forgive me. Many people refer to this country when they are thinking of a place very far away.

Kajikistan is a very poor country near Russia. The country is so poor that they cannot afford to heat their homes in the winter, and anyone familiar with that part of the world knows it gets very cold during that time of year.

A fried of mine, Patricia recently went on a missions trip to Kajikistan. She told me that this past winter, people died because they could not keep warm. Their country does have a power plant, but they have to pay for the power because of their indebtedness to another country. They can't afford to pay for power in the winter. because many people are so poor, and many of their men have abandoned their families to seek greater wealth in nearby countries.

They sew on hand ed sewing machines. Like many other Third World countries, Kajikistan families live large numbers in very small houses, not fit for 3 people.

It is situations that take me back to my opening statement that situations like this and others could be completely eliminated if only worldwide greed did not take primary importance over the well being of people.

This and many other similar stories around the world point back to this concern, and I feel almost a fear when I realize that our country has not been good stewards of the gifts we have been given.

Any little aid that we might give would seem only a drop in the bucket until the larger problem is addressed-the balance of power throughout the world.

However, and this may not be the end all answer, but an answer I did receive:

God's glory and grace is revealed in the shortcomings of man, the shortcomings of this world.

In some ways it seems an unfair answer. It certainly does not excuse our inability to share or to help. But we change what we can and accept what we cannot. We work with what have to work with and know that...

God's glory and grace is revealed in the shortcomings of man, the shortcomings of this world.

Definitely work for change, and work to help someone else. Speak out when injustice occurs.


God's glory and grace is revealed in the shortcomings of man, the shortcomings of this world.