Friday, March 31, 2006

It's Friday

Yesterday I took the day off.

It really wasn't a day off.

I just didn't do the type of work I usually do here at 'work'.

Did you know that you can pull an electric stove away from the wall and clean behind it?

If you haven't done that and you've lived in the same place for at least 11 years, you might want to do that.

Even though the space behind the stove can't be seen, the kitchen just feels cleaner.

Considering what I found under and behind the stove, it IS cleaner.

My band is playing at a Jewish synagogue at the Dell Jewish Community Center this coming Saturday.

Even if you're not Jewish, but at least familiar with the Bible, you will know that Jewish people do not work on Saturdays.

And just to make sure they uphold the law, they do not do anything after 3 on Friday.

So it was required that I unload my Hammond organ and speaker yesterday.

Once I got that done, I motored on over to Gateway Community Church's new place off of 183 and McNeil. Pretty nice place.

I took my Kurzweil K2000 rackmount over there just in case, but they have a Yamaha P80 digital piano and a 74 Fender Rhodes 88 key suitcase piano, so that's all I really need.

I have to be at Gateway on 8 am Sunday am.

I hope I don't have to wait until Sat night midnight to load up my organ from the synagogue....

After rehearsal I met Michelle at Kerbey Lane North and we ate and irritated the help until we couldn't take anymore.

Today I'm tired, but It's Friday!!!