Friday, January 12, 2007

Hammond Organ For Sale, $700 or Best Offer

What we have here is and late 1960s Hammond E-200 organ. This organ is located near Houston, in the Sugarland area. This is the institutional model of the E models that came out in the late 60s. You will note that unlike the home models, it has the nice roll out locking top. This organ does not include the key.

There are a couple of things to note about this particular organ. It was previously owned by a funeral company and was professionally moved to its present location. It is in beautiful condition.

Internally, this organ is designed very similarly to the more popular B3. Externally, there are several differences. It has one set of drawbars per manual. It does have spring reverb as well as vibrato and chorus. And you will notice the usual preset keys on the left have been blanked out, the 4 tabs on above each of the drawbars have 3 preset sounds, and one for drawbar arrangement.

While the pedal notes are monophonic as opposed to polyphonic, the organ also has the same full size flat pedal arrangement as the Hammond B3 or C3, making this organ a good one to start out on.

And while it does have internal speakers, it does have an output whereby a Hammond tone cabinet could be used, and it can be modified for a Leslie.

The organ, while in very good shape is not 100% original. It has a Trek 2 fused power supply.

The asking price is $700 or best offer. Buyer will arrange for moving. Contact by email if interested.

Following is specifications from for this model:

Model E-100
Production Years: Jun 1965 to 1969
Cabinet Size: 48x26x48 (WHD, inches without bench), 410lbs with bench and pedals.
Finish: Walnut, Mahogany
Manuals: Swell and great, 61 playing keys each. 25-note detachable pedal board.
Controls: One set of drawbars for each manual, 27 control tablets, 5 percussion voices, brush effect and cymbal, harp sustain and 'vibrato celeste'.
Features: 79 tonewheel generator, photocell Expression pedal, straight and reverb tube amps, some solid state for features (pedal frequencies derived from a monophonic two stage divider).

E200 - Institutional version of E-100 with locking top, presets and stops adapted for liturgical music, no rhythm, fewer percussions