Friday, March 14, 2008

Want A Chevy Malibu Hybrid? Hurry Up and Wait...Maybe

I've been hearing about the Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid recently and I've been intrigued. The Malibu has been getting very positive press recently. Today I decided to check out a possible alternative to the Prius I'm also considering.

I visited Austin's Henna Chevrolet. Henna has the largest selection of Chevrolets in Central Texas, so if anyone has one, Henna would be the one.

Wandering down the row of Malibus at Henna, no such hybrid was found.

To my possible rescue came a salesman to discuss with me about said car. 'No we don't have any Malibu Hybrids'. After talking to his sales manager behind closed doors it turns out that each Chevy dealer will get one Malibu Hybrid to show the customer. If you want one, then the dealer will contact GM to find an appropriate vehicle in the color of your choice(if available in said pool).

Does the 'pool' consist of similar vehicles at other dealer's lots?

No, it's the pool that GM has at the factory.

So then you'll custom build me one then?

No, all of the Hybrid Malibus are going to come equipped one way. But you do get to choose whether you want a sunroof or not.

So how long before one comes in?

Well, we've been waiting on one but we haven't gotten it in yet.

How long?

Well, we're not sure.

Before I left, we did ask one lone salesman at a desk in the showroom what his expectations were, and he replied 'about 6-8 months'....

We have a Chevy Suburban Hybrid if you like....

No thanks!