Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Secret UFO Files Released to Public"-CNN TShirt

This is kind of interesting.

I went out to CNN's website today. Apparently, if they have a tshirt symbol next to a news article, you can get a tshirt with that article.

Maybe it's that same worn humor that news agencies always try to pass off when giving such news. It seems they act on queue with every report. As far as that goes, it is still disappointing to see that attitude persisting.

On the other hand-that's a pretty powerful headline.

People who insist that governments have been hiding information on UFOs have been made fun of for years, written off as some kind of 'conspiracy theorist'.

But now we have a government that is telling the world that it is true, they did keep information secret regarding UFOs.

The more and more information that comes out about UFOs, the less and less funny attempts to minimize this important subject will become. As people start to get over the silliness factor of this subject and begin to consider the fact that we are not alone, then that is going to start to become a more sobering thought.

And this attempt feels that way to me. This shirt doesn't seem to be playing along with the gag, this shirt is trying to tell us something.

Maybe I'll go get one....