Friday, October 12, 2007

Putin Warns US Not To Install SDI In His Backyard.

Just in case anyone was not sure what to make of the missle defense stories that I have put up within the last year, here is Russia's very own Vladimir Putin warning the US not to put up missle defense shields in Russia.

One of Putin's statements was minimized in this article, but is based on already reported facts. Putin addressed Rice at the talks:

Addressing Rice and Gates, the Russian president appeared to mock the proposal, which is at the center of a tangle of arms control and diplomatic disputes between the former Cold War adversaries.

"We may decide someday to put missile defense systems on the moon, but before we get to that we may lose a chance for agreement because of you implementing your own plans," Putin said in Russian, according to an Associated Press translation.

Bush already announced within the past year that he plans to put a base on the moon. Why else would he want to do that? Just a simple little outpost with a flag for political reasons?

How about this quote:

The Space Command at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, in charge of space for the Pentagon, came out of that war saying: "Whoever controls space, controls the Earth! Whoever controls space will win all the wars on the Earth and therefore we must control space!"

Thank you Putin for standing up against the US war economy. Whose next?