Sunday, July 26, 2009

Richard Hoagland Banned From Facbook

Richard Hoagland was science advisor for CBS News during the original moon landing, advising Walter Cronkite. He has been banned from Facebook this month with no warning or explanation.

Facebook has not reached out to Richard Hoagland, and he is still banned from posting on his fan page.

There are several ways to put pressure on Facebook to get him reinstated.

To join a grassroots effort to have Hoagland reinstated, please email Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Richard's behalf so we can help get him reinstated. You must be a Facebook member to post.

You can also email and, membership is not necessary to email, but would be helpful.

There are two sites on Facebook devoted to ending the Hoagland siege.

Stop Facebook from censoring Richard C. Hoagland

Anti Censorship Of Richard C Hoagland On Facebook