Monday, March 20, 2006

Periodic Commentary

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Medical researchers are investigating suspicions that drugs prescribed to treat Parkinson's disease could turn patients into compulsive gamblers, the Washington Post reported on Sunday.


I have to say that this is the craziest thing I have ever heard, and is one more cog on the wheel that diverts attention from taking personal responsibility to something outside of ourselves.

So if I take this Parkinson's medication, I'm going to have an uncontrollable urge to head down just past the Louisiana line, take all my money and gamble it away and never stop.

I find that more than a little ridiculous.

It reminds me of a story I once heard.

A successful business man starts hearing a non-stop voice that tells him to quit his job.

He endures this voice for many months, until he decides to quit his job, hoping to still the voice.

Then he hears the voice tell him to sell everything he has.

Again, this he endures, until finally, he can't take it anymore, and sells his car, his house, all of his possessions, and under continued influence, also cashes out his retirement, and his stocks.

Now the voice tells him to go to Las Vegas.

Terrified, but with no other place to go, he goes to Las Vegas. He checks into a really nice hotel and lays down on the bed.

Finally he starts to get some good rest, unlike he has had in over a year.

Until he hears the voice again.

'Take all the money to the game room.'

So he gets all of his money, and makes his way to the game room.

He looks at all the games, overwhelmed by all the lights and people.

'Go to the roulette wheel'.

And so he goes, finally getting a place at the table.

'Put everything on 27.'

He takes his large stash of money and places it on 27.

The dealer spins the wheel, and it goes around, the man staring at the wheel, totally numbed out.

Finally the wheel slows down, and just before it stops, 27 is making its way around, and it seems like the pointer is going to stop right there, however this enough motion to keep it going to the next number.

'14!', calls out the dealer.

'@#%@#!!!', says the man's voice.

Continued Organization

I organized the music folder for my band this weekend, it was pretty crazy, seeing all the music I had transcribed in the last year spread all over the floor.

It was organized between lead sheets that I might play off of, and actual transcriptions of solos.

I have transcribed all of Jimmy Smith's 'The Sermon', and have his recording of 'Just Friends' and 'When Johnny Comes Marching Home' started.

There is also transcriptions of solos by Larry Young and John Patton started.

My main focus on transcriptions is to transpose 'The Sermon' to all keys, I have it in F, the key it was orginally played in, and Bb, and am currently working on the Eb transcription, but the intention is to finish the 'Johnny' solo as I have time to do more transcriptions.