Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bush Impeachment: We've Got To Do Something Different This Time

If we're going to get Bush impeached, we've got to do something different this time.

If nothing else, this Presidential race is starting to bring more and more Democrats out of the closet and into action. Hopefully the Presidential chaos that we have created will do the same thing.

We failed to impeach Cheney. So we can't do the same things we did last time and hope to get the same results.

It's going to be a much stronger and better organized grassroots effort. Last time, many sent emails to Congress and everyone else, and signed petitions, and it didn't work. We need to show a more passionate display of approval. And we've got good motivation to do this. The last numbers I've heard are that 600,000 Iraqis have died since the beginning of the war. And thousands of soldiers have died from this and other countries. Needlessly. Needlessly.

I don't know why every city in the country is not staging a protest every weekend. I don't why more peace vigils are being held. I believe it's because we are lulled into thinking that internet activism is going to get it done. But it's has not been working. It needs to be that plus more. The activists didn't let Vietnam get as far as we have let Iraq get. They were out there in the parks getting tear gassed and sprayed, and this is what we need to do, now.

I do know why I am sitting here at my computer trying to write an impassioned plea to call people into action. I feel frustrated and powerless to make any significant change in our country and that's not what a democracy is supposed to be about, but it is what the USA has become. I've had enough of it, and the people I'm writing to have too.

Let's get up from behind our computer monitor and get to work.