Saturday, November 10, 2007

Caution Urged Regarding Monday's UFO Press Conference

(please note the new article I posted today from Pop Culture on my blog. It is a report on what happened at the Press Conference today) c3hamby 11/12/2007

(CNN news report videos as well as the video from Larry King's show posted today.)
c3hamby 11/13/2007

I represent one of many people in the world that is excited about our government acknowledging life on other planets. When this happens, I will be the most excited and exuberant person on the planet. Many positive things have happened throughout the years that push us closer to that day and I am filled with incredible joy every time I see even the smallest amount of progress. Sometimes it is easy to overestimate that progress and what will come out of it. Is today the day? Is tomorrow? And it is so easy to become frustrated with the process, even when many good things are happening.

I'm finding a lot of 'chatter' on the internet, not only about tomorrow's press conference on UFOs at the National Press Club but also last night's Larry King show on UFOs.

These events represent progress toward government disclosure on the ET reality, no doubt about it. What we are seeing with these events is definite progress. For this, we should be grateful to James Fox and his 'Out of the Blue' movie that is featured on these two events. The upcoming press conference promises to include government and military officials from not just the US, but from seven countries. This is very significant because disclosure must be approached as a world-cooperative event.

With the truth confirmed, we are no longer separate citizens divided by political boundaries, but we become all, together, citizens of one Earth. We may choose to keep the governmental institutions we have presently, but the way that we think of ourselves in relation to each other and the rest of the universe will change upon official disclosure. The implications that arise from this new way of thought may be one of the major reasons this information has not already been disclosed. Of course there are many other implications, but those of us who are aware of this truth already realize this important world view change.

The other implications of ET disclosure need to be addressed in the public arena, these implications may be of greater importance than the ETs themselves.

Though I honestly hope I am wrong, it is for these reasons that caution should be urged at the expectation of a soon-to-come official ET disclosure event. Mainly because the governments of the Earth have done very little to prepare the world for such an event. Even though most of our population does believe in life outside of Earth, many still don't. Additionally, one only needs to consider the situation in the Middle East as proof that the US is still trying to hold on to their monopoly of world power. When disclosure and contact happens, it needs to come from united world powers, not from a country or a group of countries that are trying to gain military or economic advantage. Which is why this event indeed represents such a major milestone. Hopefully this event will put more international pressure on the US to disclose, and that is going to be an important factor in the disclosure process.

Additionally, Larry King's show and the press conference on Monday are both related to James Fox's "Out of the Blue" movie. I suspect that while these are still positive events, we may be hanging on to more hype involved than what is truly there.

Just this summer, Stephen Bassett and the 2007 X Conference held their own press conference at the National Press Club. There was minimal follow-up in the US press, but most of it was to make fun and minimize the whole event. And not even two weeks ago, Richard Hoagland held his own press conference at the National Press Club, and even though the American press was there, there was absolutely no follow up.

Russia, on the other hand covered this event extensively in their media, running coverage and post-event interviews repeatedly on their television networks.

While these events and the presidential campaign debates on UFOs are positive, let us keep our expectations in check and be patient during this slow process that is the Disclosure Movement.

CNN Video Clips, Transcription

The UFO special on Larry King featured James Fox, Executive Producer of 'Out of the Blue' movie. You can go out to the 'Out of the Blue' movie site and see a 7" short of the show that aired last night.

The entire scipt of Larry King's UFO show can also be found here.