Saturday, December 12, 2009

Obama-The UFO Disclosure President-Not

Recently, an anonymous left reader left a comment very critical of my article Obama-The Dislosure President.

Written a year ago, that article reflected the possibilites of Hope and Change that Obama promised during his election and how it might relate to the Disclosure Movement.

Of course, Obama never made any promises to disclose anything about ETs.

But it seemed that Obama was promising something other than business as usual, and after the dark Bush/Cheney years, that was most welcome. That promise could've had important implications for the Disclosure Movement. In fact, within the first week of taking office, Obama signed a Presidential Order requiring agencies to disclose information that they no longer needed to keep secret.

Unfortunately for Anonymous, he/she seems to have reacted with much emotion to my article and failed to read my most recent posts. In a way I can't blame him/her, and that's why I elected to keep the original comments, profane as they are.

Obama's recent announcement to expand the war in Afghanistan has ruffled my feathers quite a bit. I don't see any change to business as usual, and from reading the comments, Anonymous doesn't seem to either. People that are paying attention are upset-those that aren't seem to be just following Obama's charisma and eloquence. That must be what it is because that appears to be the only change I see at present. That, and in these hard times people need Hope and Change. People don't aren't ready to let go of that positive possibility.

With the announcement that Britain is shutting down their UFO Disclosure Department, the final nail seems to have been driven in the coffin of the Disclosure Movement for the moment. With countries like France, Britain, Mexico and others releasing what they know, and The Vatican making some very curious ET statements the past couple of years, this has served to put pressure on the United States to disclose.

The only reason I can see that Britain has decided to backpedal must be from some US pressure to the contrary.

Which is unusual because many within the ET research community have reported that there is a movement from within to disclose, and these sources expected an announcement just anyday now.

The other discouraging signal that disclosure is not imminent is the continued harassment of Gary McKinnon, who easily hacked into government databases in the US and found information that the US has on present knowledge of ETs. The US is bloodthirsty for McKinnon, attempting to get him extradited to the US for trial. The US claims millions of dollars of damage done by McKinnon.

If disclosure is on the books, then McKinnon would be a non-issue.

This is a curious claim indeed as the Air Force in the 1960s has already claimed that in their Project Bluebook that the ETs pose no security threat to the United States....

I try not to get to disappointed or excited either way. The Disclosure Movement is a slow process that has had numerous starts and stops in the last sixty years. It may be stalled for the moment, but there is always another day.