Friday, December 08, 2006

Lauren Schultz and the Swing Thing

Tonight and tonight only, and also during the next 2 Fridays in December- Lauren Schultz and the Swing Thing at Freda's Seafood, on the patio. Featuring space heaters and some kind of sufficient insulated enclosure to keep out the cold and anything else that shouldn't be there.

Lauren Schultz-vocal
Brian Hamby-piano
Brian Bose-bass
Chris Bennet-drums

We're talking about Sarah Vaughn inspired jazz. We start sometime after 6 and quit around 10 or so.

Take 183 N, Take the 620 exit and turn left at Turtle Creek. Drive a short distance down Turtle Creek, and Freda's is more or less the first establishment on your left.


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In unrelated news:

Before the corny Police Squad movies came out, there was the short lived Police Squad television show. Higher quality than the movies, they are now available on DVD, all 6 episodes on one DVD. Check it out at your favorite Megalomart.


Accept no substitutes!

Insist on it by name, where ever finery is sold.



Thought for the day:

The Wright Brothers weren't the first to fly, they were the first to land....