Sunday, September 09, 2007

Global Politics From a Spiritual Perspective

I now have my own computer and internet service, so effective immediately I am returning to regular postings.


I am in continual conflict with myself regarding the current global political situation that the world finds itself in.

On the one hand, I feel a duty to communicate the reality of the global and political climate that exists. It is my aim and intention to call attention to reliable news sources which point to the fact that our government has failed and is failing its US citizens as well as its responsibility to the entire world in its chosen policies and actions.

This blog has done and will continue to do this. I have never solely relied on questionable or fringe sources, but have continually pointed to articles from generally accepted news sources such as CNN. And I have pointed to influential people in our society who are seriously looking at issues normally reserved for the more paranoid of our collective. These include, among others-Dr. Carol Rosin, assistant to Werner Von Braun , Daniel Sheehan, the military witnesses that testified at the National Press Club in 2001 and others.

Having brought these issues up, I also feel a certain amount of compassion and necessity to forgive our leaders for their actions. I have not demonstrated these sentiments enough in this forum. I am generally more concerned with informing. Yet, being informed doesn’t count for much if one doesn’t feel anything can be done about any of it.

We can all play a collectively strong part, if we will.

When I consider President Bush, the president people love to hate (this based on current bumper sticker debate) I see a man who is misinformed and misguided on several different fronts.

We may not agree with much if any of what he is doing, but I have found it necessary within my heart to pray everyday for our President and the decisions he is making. I also pray personally to forgive him and those who are advising him. Even if I might ever think I could do a better job, I wouldn’t really want his job at all.

I also pray to turn over to God these things. Sometimes in researching about all of the things that are coming out about our government, it’s easy to perceive that we are powerless over our government, and that the powers that be are more powerful than anything else that is and there is nothing that can tame it.

I don’t believe that’s the case. I believe that God is infinitely more powerful and that God intervenes everyday to influence people to do the right thing. And I believe that God is more powerful than any created government anywhere or anyplace.

I will share with you a prayer that I pray everyday. Imagine if the whole world was praying this prayer or one like it everyday, what our world would be like:

I turn the world and the Earth over to you. I pray that the whole world will come to know your, know its shortcomings and know your grace and glory. I pray that war violence and hate would be replaced by your love peace and joy and a relationship between you and the whole world. Comfort and heal the Earth, I pray that more and more people will take notice of the Earth’s problems and take significant steps to change what we do to the Earth. I pray to forgive those who are holding us back from serious positive change. I thank you for those who are making this change. I pray that people will take note of the insanity of the world and that people will change this for the better. I turn disclosure over to you, I pray blessing and protection for Greer, Webre and Bassett and others. Show me what I can do, if anything. Please show me that my prayers are having an effect and give me the patience to continue to pray this prayer.

Lord, hear my prayer.

By this prayer, we can start to become aware of the small part that we can play to change the course of events, that we can come into our own truth, and by living out that truth, collectively make an impact on the whole world. This is how we add to the peace in the world. It’s not going to happen by protest, or blaming or seeking revenge.

None of the past six years will have been in vane if we have learned this valuable lesson. There is no end in revenge seeking, in getting even.

There can only be forgiveness and reconcilliation.