Thursday, November 24, 2005

Who Am I?

I'm insane.

Completely insane.

I'm quiet, I like to spend a lot of time by myself. That's one reason why I'm a musician, because I have lots of time to practice, and I use it.

Sometimes I get lonely and then I like to hang out with people. I can be really outgoing and funny.

My comic side is usually what you see, you don't ever see the serious side of me in public unless I'm playing music. I'm still having fun, but the serious things are said when I'm playing music. Since you only see the comic side of me you assume that's all I'm about if you don't get to know me any better.

I'm real gentle and laid back, very patient with people.

I take naps every afternoon.

I like to work in the yard.

I don't know how long my old van is going to keep running.

I really don't care about impressing people or playing games. I chose to make music my profession, not really caring that I might not make tons of money or enough money, or any money at all. When I was in college I just wanted to be able to study music more.

I have my friends and I'm happy with them. If you wanna join the party you're welcome, if not, we're still having a party! I have a friend who is a widow, and I like helping her out-her husband just died.

Once I did a comedy sketch for a church. I did such a good job that people thought my 'character' was really who I was. I performed for 3 services in one day. At the end of the day I was sick of making people laugh.

Whenever you see people rummaging thru stuff that people put to the curb, I'm usually there. Recently I got a free washer and dryer that way. It cost 10.00 to fix the washer. The dryer works, but we're still working on that because it's noisy. I think it needs a $20.00 part. I also got a 4 legged cane.... I recently got a reclining lawn chair that way, too. But to get that I had to get a box of copper and brass plumbing pipe, a heat pump(?), and a fan and a leaf blower with the plugs cut off.

Oh, I also got a combination lettuce shredder and meat grinder that has never been used, and probably never will be. I got that on the same haul. I also play trombone. completely serious btw.