Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Laurel-Crowned Princess-Prologue


My red '66 Impala looked incredible under the morning sun. I had just buffed and waxed the paint, and traded the oversize wheels and tires for stock equipment the day before.

The Impala was loaded to the gills with all my possessions. Even my old motocross bicycle fit squarely in the trunk, the only car that ever had a trunk big enough for it to fit without having to adjust the handlebars.

That morning of December 1988 was one of those sunny, windy and cold West Texas-approved days. All my finals were done and everybody was either completing their their own finals or trying to get out of town like I was for the holidays.

Even with no radio I could almost hear a Stevie Ray Vaughn soundtrack as the West Texas Plains disappeared behind me.

It was really no surprise to me that it broke down 2 and 1/2 hours in New Salem later that day.

After all, the car did burn oil pretty badly.

Oh well, it was a fun drive while it lasted.

Spending the night in a truck stop hotel, I reflected on what I was leaving and anticipated what might be in my uncertain future.

A truck driver very appropriately sang sad country music on his guitar in a neighboring room.

In my immediate past I had just ended a grueling semester at school, both personally and educationally.

In my immediate future my dad was coming with his van to get me and the Impala and tow us back to Beaumont.

Basically, I was going back home to live with my parents and to go to school in Beaumont.

Can failure be anymore disgraceful?

"You gotta know when to hold em,
Know when to fold them,
Know when to walk away,
Know when to run...."

At least there was a freshly painted Fiat Blue and White 1957 Chevy station wagon waiting for me back home.

In the meantime I went to the desert to reflect on what had happened....

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Jazz Organ Update

I'm really thinking about making a 2nd blog. One will be about jazz organ, and one will be called 'Almost Forty', since I know the same demographic that might read about jazz organ won't be the same that would be interested in the personal doings of one such as I.

I'm not sure anyone is....

But I do get a few people that get here by searching for 'jazz organ', and I don't want to disappoint those people....

Remember the beautiful new organ I got from the Houston last month? It works now. It needed a new start switch and correct pin converter on the cable going to the speaker. The speaker isn't anything fancy, it's just a PR 40(photo courtesy of of Houston and Atlanta, purveyors of fine vintage Hammond organs).

The eventual goal is to get a good Leslie speaker, hopefully to match the color of the organ.

'Mama', my 64 Hammond C3 and 710 Leslie is currently on loan to a studio in town until Friday. 'Mama' is actually for sale, to the first $2500 or the first person that gets me a new Hammond XK3 with a volume pedal and case. It includes all cables and pedals and bench.

Here is 'Mama':

Here is the new Hammond XK3:

I'm thinking about naming her 'Lady', since she is lighter and easier to move around....

I am currently in negotiations on this organ, so I can't accept future offers until I hear an answer on that.

My band Neo Trio recorded last Thursday and Friday, guitarist Chris Gebhard and sax man Paul Klemperer joined in. We got the cd back yesterday, or should I say cds. Paul Klemperer has played with New Orleans pianist transplant pianist Marcia Ball, WC Clarke, currently touring with Malford Milligan and has his own thing going on. Check out his website at, you can also hear his incredible playing on our website at

Mark Herring did an excellent job on the recording, the rough mixes sound almost done, very few adjustments would be needed for the final project.

I'm completely freaked right now.

I slept the whole weekend. My friend Brad and his wife Erin invited me over to their house to watch the 'Firefly' episodes that culminated in the movie 'Serenity' that was made last year.

So now I'm into Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Firefly and looking forward to renting Serenity this weekend.

Thanks for staying tuned...more later....

Coming up-a story of a 1966 Chevrolet Impala, a beautiful woman, Interstate 20 from Abilene to New Salem, TX, a truckstop motel, and a 1957 Chevy wagon-among other things.