Friday, April 17, 2009

Update from Dr Stephen Greer and The Orion Project

Below italics are mine...Dr. Greer and scientists in The Orion Project are attempting to create a new source of energy that would move us away from oil, free energy in that you would never have to pay another electric or fuel bill again. This type of energy has been around since at least the 1900s with Tesla, but has been surpressed over and over again.


Important Update from Dr. Steven Greer


The Orion Project- thanks to your very generous support- has set up a small lab and research project staffed with four dedicated scientists and workers. They are working on a modest budget to do what billions of our tax dollars spent at the Department of Energy have failed to do: Create a fundamentally new way of generating clean energy. The team is headed by a brilliant physicist- a man who I have known for years and has a deep understanding of the secrets of Nicola Tesla and the secrets of electromagnetism. Within the coming weeks, we hope to complete the first prototype of a device running purely off of the electromagnetic energy in the space around us. No input from fossil fuels, no emissions, no pollution of any kind!

This team has already had very worrisome surveillance by shadowy people around their homes and an attempted break-in to the inventor's home. This harassment may escalate as we get closer to completing the device. We have two security people working with them, and have put security monitoring equipment in place. All of this is costly and we need your help NOW. Please make a very generous contribution to The Orion Project today- we need an additional $100,000 immediately to safely continue this work. Click here to donate.

Also, write to President Obama and encourage him to read our Energy Briefing and provide funding for new energy projects such as this one. Also, ask the President to investigate the harassment of such inventors by a shadowy cabal of operatives intent on keeping our civilization addicted to oil and coal. As taxpayers, we are spending billions of dollars on energy projects in the stimulus bill - yet not one dime is going into these new advanced energy solutions- or protecting these inventors from this type of harassment!

Thank you for your generous support of this breakthrough energy project, which is being solely funded by generous contributions from people like YOU! We need your help now more than ever and we appreciate whatever help and support you can give for this historic project.

Steven M. Greer MD
The Orion Project