Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Black History Month-Charles Earland

Charles Earland was born in Philly, May 24, 1941 and died Dec 12, 1999.

In high school he played bari sax with fellow Philadelphians Pat Martino on guitar and a very young Frankie Avalon on trumpet.

Earland was playing tenor sax with Jimmy McGriff's band when he got interested in the leader's instrument. After he left McGriff's band he started his own organ trio which included Martino.

His first album for Prestige, Black Talk included a cover of "I Love You More Today Than Yesterday" and received wide radio airplay.

My favorite recording is a 2 albums recorded down to one CD, Charles Earland in Concert: Light at the Lighthouse/Kharma [LIVE]. It features a very swinging version of The Carpenter's 'We've Only Just Begun'(it really works), Woody Shaw's 'The Moontrane'(a nod to the previously discussed Larry Young) 'Freedom Jazz Dance', and his Part I and II for a 'Suite to Martin Luther King', a very adventureous piece, reminding one of late Larry Young.

He performs with a lively brass section to an enthusiastic audience.

Earland's use of delay and distortion is tasteful, at times he effectively emulates and electric guitar.

Except for a 3 year break after his wife passed, he stayed active
until passing from a massive heart attack, right after a gig in a Kansas City hotel room on December 12, 1999

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