Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I can't stand traditional rhyme schemes. I'm more interested in the rhythm of the text, and sometimes the rhythms rhyme. Here's one with that's predominantly rhythmic with a small dash of rhyme.

I went to the place where your words are today,
And I found that your words are quiet.
I listened carefully, I listened intently,
But not one word could be heard.

I looked to try to see your words,
Whether they be high or low, far or near, tall or small,
I saw nothing, no words for me to see,
No words from you to me.

I thought I heard something,
But it was drowned out by what you were doing.
I sought to understand the meaning of what I heard,
But what you did confused the words-they made no sense.
It was nothing, nothing at all.

I went to the place where my words are today,
To see if there were any words that could be said.
The words that had gone before didn't mean anything,
I said nothing instead.

Nothing to Write About

This post is dedicated to the memory of Shel Silverstein, one my favorite poets. He writes for children, but if you're too old to appreciate his work, then you're just too old. It's also dedicated to the late American composer John Cage, who said, among many things, "I have nothing to say, and I am saying it."

I have nothing to say today.

Absolutely nothing.

No comments, no observations, no realizations, no epiphanies.

No lost loves to lament, no new loves to pine.

No good news to rejoice in, no bad news to weep over.

There is absolutely not one thing that I can think of to communicate.

Out of 26 letters in the alphabet, nine numbers and miscellaneous punctuation marks and symbols, none of them mean anything to me today, because I simply have nothing to say.

If I did I'd be happy to use them.

There they are: so easy to push-yet I won't push any of them to express what is not there to express.

If I was a symphony, a conductor could try to count me off today.

He'd say, "1-2-3-4" but no music would play; there'd be nothing but silence.
If I was an email address, I would be (that is not a valid email address).

If someone asked '5-6-7-8, who do we appreciate?' I'd give no answer, because today, I have nothing to say.

Hopefully by the time I'm 90 I will have something to say, and when I do, I'll say it.

There's usually a 99% chance that I'll have something to say. And I would almost bet you $5.00 that tomorrow I will!

I just don't have it today.

1/2 way through the day tomorrow, I hope to have something to write about.

Words+thoughts=something to say, and I just don't have it.

It's not that I don't know my alphabet. Allow me to recite:

Abcdefg, hijklmnop. Qrstuv, wxy & z.

Now I've said my abc-s. Next time won't you sing with me?

Except there won't be a next time. Oh well.

One thing I will say-

*I have used every key on the keyboard at least once.

Oops, I didn't use these: {[~`^><_ /\]}....

Wait a minute, I did, I did!