Friday, March 09, 2007

E-100 Organ and Posting and Kate Harrod

The E-100 organ that was for sale, posted here, was sold this past week. A church in the Sugarland, TX area bought the organ. My dad informs me that the organist whose church bought the organ played an organ very similar to it when he was in Louisiana. My dad was fortunate enough to witness the prodigious talents of this organist and tells me the organ is in good hands.


I have been off for a few days because either blogspot or the firewall behind which my computer sits won't let me post. I've been typing out stuff, but as soon as I type in word verification and hit publish, everything deletes.


Have to you tell you about a friend of mine, The Divine Diva, Kate Harrod. Kate is an incredibly talented singer and pianist. She has her Bachelor's and Master's in Piano from Baylor.

She has turned more toward singing the last few years and has performed all over Austin and has recently recorded a CD, entitled 'Divine Diva' of which you can hear excerpts of it on her
webpage and her myspace page.

As elegant as this lady is, you might not imagine that she is more fun than a barrel of monkeys, and I am excited going to accompany her on Hammond organ in the near future. Stay tuned for future dates.