Monday, August 04, 2008

Book Review: Alfred Webre ‘Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe'

Richard Dolan and Alfred Webre are serious forces to be dealt with in the area of the study of extra-terrestrial life. And though both of their books are not new-Dolan’s ‘UFOs and the National Security State’(2000) and Webre’s ‘Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe'(2000), they are important enough books that should return now and again to the radar screen.

I am posting Webre's book review today and will post Dolan's book review tomorrow.

Webre’s ‘Exopolitics: Politics, Government and Law in the Universe' is a treatise on the ‘state of the union’ and hypothesis concerning the relationship between humans and ETs.

The term ‘exopolitics’ itself has recently been taking a beating, recently being deleted from Wikipedia’s listings, even though it was voted ‘Word of the Year’ for 2006 by the Associated Press. Whereas Political Science is the study of terrestrial politics, exopolitics is the study of the politics and relations between people on Earth and ETs. For Webre, exopolitics is not just a study but also a of understanding the situation that we find ourselves in regard to this issue.

One of the reasons that I picked up Webre’s book is that I find all too often he is lumped in with other researchers who state that ETs are bad for humans. This may be because of Webre's associations with some researchers that hold stronger opinions in this area than he does. One of the reasons that I respect Webre is that he 'plays well with others.' Webre sees the greater importance of the unity of the UFO community, even if he may not agree completely with his colleagues. His focus appears to be in exposing and breaking the government secrecy around the ET issue and entering a more enlightened time, rather than starting petty and endless battles of wills. So I wanted to see where he stood on these issues.

I don’t see the 'evil alien' belief reflecting in Webre’s book. He states that some UFOs may be ‘ours’-craft piloted by humans created from back-engineering recovered UFOs, or that they may be ‘theirs’ and piloted by 'them'. As you read this book or listen to his Exopolitics Radio Show, this is a theme that returns again and again in Webre's interpretation of continuing unfolding UFO events. In fact, in Chapter 11, entitled 'The Information War and "Alien Abductions"'(double quotes are Webre's), he states:

'When secrecy has failed, a secret terrestrial command-and-control network has resorted to misinformation, out right lies, and black propaganda about UFO sightings. Terrestrial commandos have also undertaken disinformation operations against the civilian population, such as the MILABs, the fake alien abductions staged by the military to portray the extraterrestrial presence as hositle or colonizing in nature'.

(pg 55)

Without attempting to reveal the whole of the book, Webre states that Earth has been quarantined for quite some time from the rest of the Galactic hierarchy, and even that perhaps the story in the Bible from the book of Genesis describing the fall of man may be a story that hints at the event and cause of this separation. In fact, when the Vatican recently came out with the statement that belief in life forms from beyond this Earth does not conflict with Christianity, they also hypothesized that perhaps ETs are without such original sin. This would account for the advanced technology that would have brought them here.

Webre also suggests that while Earth may be quarantined, he observes it is a ‘leaky quarantine’ and it may be that ETs are preparing to reintegrate Earth into the hierarchal Galactic community. Webre offers a preparation that Earth can take to prepare humanity for this transition, although he notes that our leaders have opposed this thus far. Webre warns of the need for this reintegration and a departure from the paths our world is heading toward, and that it may be ETs that are here to help us do that.

Another interesting point that Webre brings out in the book are the idea that UFO sightings maybe multidimensional communication devices, such as mandalas. Webre also refers to this as the ET Context Communication Theory. Though not mentioned on the book, Webre was the first to note that the Chicago O'Hare UFO sighting was on the same day that the Democrats took over the House in the general election, and further, that Obama and Clinton are both from Chicago.

I found this book to be a good companion book to Dr. Stephen Greer's 'Hidden Truth' and if you enjoyed this book but maybe were a more than a little bit concerned about our future, Webre balances this out with concrete steps to take to move closer to that end.

Books such as these certainly test our limits of the believable, but it is certainly worthwhile to consider Webre’s line of thought about this important issue.