Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Michelle and I

Just so ya know what she looks like. Pretty ain't she?

New Car?

So I'm looking for a new car.

A new to me car.

I'm not sure the van is going to pass inspection.

I'm looking at this Jeep Cherokee.

It's red.

I need something that can either carry large musical instruments around, or at least a trailer.

Michelle is not interested in me getting a hearse.

Color is important. When I saw my blue Toyota pick up in 90, I knew it was the car for me. When I saw the blue Ford Van, again, I knew that was for me.

This Jeep Cherokee is red.

It's cool looking though.

Here's a picture of it:

It's nice, it has a cd player, power seats leather seats, alloy wheels, power windows, power locks, etc.

But it's not blue.

Michelle and I are going to Houston this weekend, so I'm probably going to have to wait until next week to do something about this.