Thursday, October 15, 2009

Texas Gubernatorial Race, 2010

That 90.1 radio in Austin operates below the radar is not a clever statement. The station, which broadcasts shows within the Genesis Communications Network, operates below the levels required by the FCC for non-licensed stations. The station is strongest in Central Austin. It moved to 100.1 for a short time, but is now back on 90.1.

Last night I was listening to a radio show ‘Rule of Law’. The host was speaking about the upcoming Texas Governor race and how Ron Paul has really changed the political environment.

He stated that Rick Perry and Kay Bailey Hutchinson are both known Bilderberg attendees, the regular secret meetings of the power elite.
The only 2 current independent governor candidates are Debra Medina and Kinky Friedman.

According to Medina’s Wikipedia entry under Texas gubernatorial election, 2010

"Among Medina's stances are private property rights, gun ownership, individual responsibility and adherence to the Constitution. She has actively opposed big government, taxes, bailouts, mandatory vaccinations, the Trans-Texas Corridor and abortion."

We should be careful in having too many gubernatorial candidates. Last year out of six candidates, Perry won, but with only 39% of the total votes.