Tuesday, July 15, 2008

UFOS: Why Stephenville?

A coworker told me this morning that he heard a report over a popular morning radio show in Austin that there was another sighting of UFOs over Stephenville last night. My coworker states the report says the UFOs were headed toward Crawford, TX, location of the 'Texas White House'. I was unable to corroborate this report with any other recent reports.

Recently, many sources, such as the Ft. Worth Star Telegram have been reporting the latest news from the Larry King show that aired this past Friday. Recently obtained radar tracking data obtained from the FAA under the Freedom of Information Act shows that craft activity did indeed occur over Stephenville on January 8, 2008, and that no military craft were present.

The great grandson of the last owner of the Foster Ranch was recently interviewed by the Open Minds Forum. You can listen to that interview here.

The Foster Ranch was where the 1947 Roswell Crash took place.

The recording didn't shine any new information on the incident-according to the great grandson's uncle, ranch hands employed at the time saw the downed craft and knew it was not a weather balloon. The Foster family sold the ranch in the mid 1950s specifically to remove themselves from any connection with the Roswell incident.

The recording did bring to my attention the fact that this great grandson lives in Stephenville, TX. Many people are are speculating that perhaps the UFO activity in Stephenville may have been meant to bring attention to this very fact.

I have another speculation. Please reference the following map, where point 'A' marks Crawford, TX:

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The report described something that was headed toward Crawford, TX which was traveling at 2000 mph. If the military were to allow itself to be seen chasing these mysterious craft, that would give quite a bit of credibility to these UFOs. The military has stated over and over that UFOs don't exist. You can't 'chase' something that doesn't exist, right? And the ETs are choosing Crawford as an obvious target that the military would be interested in protecting. But the ETs are not interested in 'attacking' Crawford, and this is important, too. These displays, as far as the ETs are concerned, are simply for exposure and to draw the military out for a chase over populated areas.

The ETs, being the intelligent beings that they are, have picked carefully and intentionally their approach to Crawford from Stephenville. This is the safest and most populated city from which to make their approach to Crawford and the ETs will most likely be able to be seen by the most amount of people.

Abilene is near a major military base and therefore may be unwise for the ETs to approach from that direction. In Forth Worth the sky is not as visible from the ground due to an over abundance of city lights. Waco and Temple are not quite far enough away from Stephenville to make an impressive 2000 mph directional flight overflight towards Crawford.

Stephenville is just right. It is populated with more rural people that would be more apt to 'look up' in the sky at night. People in the city just generally aren't out that much at night to be in a position to observe such a thing.

Phoenix was different kind of sighting, in that the sightings were over a longer amount of time and the craft moved much more slowly and closer to the ground. But the strategy was the same. The military can't chase what doesn't exist over populated areas.

So much of what our military knows about ETs is kept in the dark, away from prying eyes. Stephenville represents a way to bring the UFO secret into the light. Will our government someday be able to respond?