Thursday, December 04, 2014

Ukraine vs. Russia vs. United States

Next week I am giving a speech at our local toastmasters meeting and these are my notes for that. You can watch real time throughout the week as I continue to update.

There are 3 main characters in the Ukraine/Russian situation.

Poroshenko-President of Ukraine

Putin-President of Russia

Yanukovych-Ousted President of Ukraine

The news media tells you that Yanukovych had protesters in Kiev killed by police and that's why they ran him out of office. The truth is George Soros, who has publically admitted on network news that he started the whole Ukrainian uprising, hired homeless people at $100/day to protest and then hired Neo Nazi thugs on building rooftops and they shot and killed the protesters. Then the news machine in Ukraine spread the news that Yanukovych did it and they ran him out of town and replaced with Poroshenko. Yanukovych, by the way, was an elected leader, elected by a legal election, and Yanukovych was appointed to take over.

This is another thing the American media likes to point out, that the old Ukrainian government was against democracy.

For many years, in Ukraine there has been this division between Ukrainians that speak the Ukrainian language and Ukrainians that speak the Russian language. The differences are minimal and the two languages can converse, but typically, Ukrainian speaking Ukrainians will not talk with Russian speaking Ukrainians.

The Ukrainian government has run with this social division and is in the process of exterminating Russian speaking Ukrainians. The news media likes to call these Russian speaking Ukrainians 'separatists'. As if the 'separatists' are going against the Ukrainian government to declare independence.

What the separatists are guilty of doing is defending their life and their property from a Ukrainian government that wants to and is killing them.

The American media likes to report that the Russians are invading Ukraine and must be stopped.

It would appear that if the Russians had been so committed to conquest of Ukraine that Russia would have more to show for it. When I mention this people always point to Crimea, referring to the often reported Russian occupation of Crimea.

Crimea is a Black Sea port with military arms, some nuclear. When Crimea saw what was going on in Ukraine, they did not waste anytime and happily invited the Russians to take control of their city. Crimea is a huge sticking point for Ukraine because it is a huge military advantage for Ukraine. Crimea, though is an independent country and has been for some time, not part of Ukraine and is certainly capable of making their own decisions. Every since this action Crimea as blossomed economically and has no regrets about this decision.

There are some interesting developments happening. The Ukraine government cannot pay it's soldiers and they cannot adequately clothe their soldiers. Furthermore, Russia is offering a safe haven for defecting soldiers, and it seems that the war effort in Ukraine is winding down. This is why you are starting to hear about NATO and Russia.

Russia has offered every generosity to Ukraine. When Poroshenko took over in Ukraine, they quit paying for the natural gas they get from Russia to heat their homes. Russia had every right to shut off Ukraine's gas and if Russia were indeed interested in expansionism, this would be a great way to start. However, Russia recently agreed to forgive the debt, but advised Ukraine from now on they would need to pay.

Russia is also offering safe haven, education and support for Ukrainians that want to get out of Ukraine.

We would hope that the United States would be in support of overthrowing a government not interested in democracy and killing innocent civilians. Instead the US has given billions of dollars in financial and military aid to Ukraine, and last week the House of Representatives, including our own Arkansas representative voted to go to war against Russia, taking us again to the brink of a feared WW 3. In fact, only 10 representatives voted against this measure.