Sunday, October 04, 2009

Review- Capitalism: A Love Story

I was going to post this yesterday, but I wanted to get the word out on the Dead Peasant Policy first.

Go see this movie. But keep in mind that Michael Moore's new movie should not be considered entertainment. The mock warning at the beginning lifted from a 1960s movies is a valid warning. I was completely sick to my stomach during the whole movie, and this not due to any lack of film making on Moore's part. His style of course makes the movie completely engrossing.

Rather, I was sick of seeing how big business and banking has not served the America nor the world well, only serving themselves and the almighty dollar at the expense of everyone else.

Thank you Moore for making this movie.

Moore seems to suggest Socialism would be better than Capitalism, in theory because of a more fair distribution of wealth. Moore also attempts to break down the negative connotations that we in America have of Socialism.

I would assert that Capitalism was fine before Corporate Greed took over. The problem was that there was never anything that protected the masses from big business.

Moore points out that Franklin Roosevelt did attempt to correct this shortcoming, but he passed away before this could be done.

Moore barely addresses Obama's potential role as someone to help the situation or make it worse. He does point out the fact that Goldman Sachs was the largest contributor to Obama's campaign, and he also points out that Obama supported the striking workers that were waiting for Bank Of America to pay them before they would leave, in which they were victorious. Perhaps Moore is taking a wait and see approach before a judgement is rendered.

Moore left out the fact that a large majority of Obama's cabinet members are from banking and financial interests. And he could have included the issue that the Federal Reserve is independent from the government rather than a part of the government.

Perhaps Moore was trying to keep his focus on the points that he did make, and in this he succeeded.

Every US citizen should be required to see this movie.