Monday, December 12, 2005

Movie Making

I showed up at the Riata apartment gym Saturday night at 8 pm where the filming for the movie took place, and I did not leave until 2 am.

The evening consisted of me running on a treadmill, getting water doused on me to make it look like I was sweating, and falling off of said treadmill, once on purpose and once not on purpose.

I've never taken any acting classes so I'm always a bit leery of attempting to act, but apparently, comedic acting is very forgiving-or I'm just very easy to laugh at.

After the filming I went to the Exxon off Braker and 183 and tried my new bank card. I have never been able to buy anything at this store because everytime I try to go there the computers are down.

I walked past the 3 police cars that were in the parking lot. Inside, I found an apple juice. I was thirsty so I began my consuming straightaway.

Then I headed over to the Antone's sandwiches, but as I passed the counter, the attendant informed me that the computers were down, and they couldn't take any money, nor give change.

Concerned about the police cars in the parking lot and the partially consumed apple juice, I was eager to work out a solution for this situation.

They figured out that the juice would be $1.21.

All I had was the pay in my pocket from the movie, and an additional dollar. They agreed to take the dollar.

I ended up going farther north to the Exxon on Burnet and 183 and was able to get a good Italian sub and some gas. Then I went home and took a warm shower and went to bed.

If I am willing to gain 30 lbs, I could get another part in a feature movie they are going to make. A friend of mine states I should do it, but I'm not making enough to gain 30 lbs in a short time, and then try to lose it.