Wednesday, November 30, 2005

"They're signals, Jerry, signals!" Part II

"They're signals, Jerry, signals!" continued....


"No, she's just a friend."

One Saturday, my mom and I went to go eat at Jason's Deli in Beaumont. On the way home I saw Angie's car go by, and Angie was in the backseat, I think she was with her family.

She shot me an unusual, almost angry look that I would see again.

That next Monday, she asked me about the about the girl I was with in the car.

"That was my mom."

Thank God she didn't ask if that was who I liked.

Once I was in the hall and saw a cute blonde haired girl that I knew from band. I went to talk to her, and then out of nowhere Angie showed up. She had been observing the whole thing, and she shot me another mad look.

I didn't talk to the cute blonde haired girl either.

I drew terribly during this time.

The next year we didn't have any classes together but we had the same lunch, and I would see her in the hall.

We used to stare at each other from a distance in the cafeteria, both playing with our hair...I had long hair back then.

Once I went to get a drink of water out of the water fountain and when I was done, noticed that she was at the water fountain next to me.

Interesting coincidence, I thought to myself.

So why did I turn around before I went into class? Was it curiosity, a desire for one more look? A crick in my neck?

There she was, standing at the water fountain, looking back at me.

I now know what they mean when they say that deer get caught in the headlights.

What does one do in such a situation? There is a class to attend, Spanish to learn. Aren't violins supposed to be playing, and don't we break into a song and dance and live happily ever after?

Well, I had a class to go to. But as soon as I sat down in my desk it occurred to me that being at a water fountain at that moment in time was a little more important that the conjugation of Spanish verbs.

Thankfully the water fountain was still there.

But Angie wasn't.

After class, I was the first one out the door to look for her.

Never saw her. As I ran out to the parking lot I think I saw the tailights of her Celica racing towards the street.

After high school was over I was very upset, not realizing that after high school, that's pretty much it as far as seeing the same people everyday.

I continued to see her around town during the summers, I think the last time I saw her was at Parkdale Mall in Beaumont. She was hanging out with some long blonde haired guy. She was in a backless dress.

She had a pretty back.

"They're signals, Jerry, signals!"


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