Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Compline Choir at St David's Episcopal

With all this talk about ETs and government stuff, I wanted to share with you a new thing I'm doing musically.

Led by David Stevens, he St. David's Compline Choir has been conducting worship for several years each Sunday evening at St. David's Episcopal Church in downtown Austin. They perform sacred A capella music from the 14th-17th centuries, as well as liturgical chant.

For the past few months I have been accompanying my landlord to the services as she does not like to go downtown alone after dark. In attendance, I found myself trying to sing along, which is not very appropriate in such a high church setting.

An audition was arranged, and somehow I joined the high quality of singers that make up the group. May 11th was my first performance with the group. The groups are typically small-the May 11th attendance was only 5 strong plus a conductor, and I was the only bass.

How did I do?

Well, click here and here to have yourself a listen.


At 12:22 AM, Anonymous S.J. said...

Welcome to the choir, Brian!

David told me about you at voice lessons today. I googled "compline" and "Austin", and your blog happened to come up.

I have been gone the past month due to finals and an extended trip to the Pacific Northwest. I hope to meet you one of these coming Sundays.


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