Monday, October 05, 2009

James Fox-"I Know What I Saw"

Update 10/6/2009
According to the History Channel Website, this movie will air again Monday October at 10PM EST,7 PST and on Tuesday October 21 at 2AM EST, 11PST.

At this History Channel website , go to the 'Search Schedule' box and type 'I Know What I Saw' for more updates.

Also visit the official website for 'I Know What I Saw' here.


This long awaited movie finally made its debut on The History Channel last night, it is a 2 hour special. I was hoping to see the whole thing, but only could watch an hour so far. It is a very explosive hard hitting documentary making it crystal clear that 'they are here'.

The show started out discussing The Phoenix Lights, with good eyewitness testimony. The show centers around the Fox disclosure event that occurred a couple of years ago at the National Press Club. The show also contrasted the change in Dr. Hynek's thinking on UFOs, along with continual military denial of the event. The show does a great job of showing that the government has continued to study UFOs even after they continue to say that they don't. The Rendelsham Event was also heavily discussed. The show was complete with lots of pictures.

I watched the show with my girlfriend who tolerates my interest in UFOs, and the show sparked some good conversation. Her frustration with the movie after the 1st hour was that she thought it was '...alright, already, I get it, something is going on that is being covered up!'

This sums up the weight of the evidence presented. I only hope that The History Channel will air this again


At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Brian - I watched this last night as well. I thought it was excellent! Well presented w/ enough very credible witnesses making it very difficult to dismiss the idea of possible extraterrestrial activity, even for the hard-core nay-sayers... but most of them are too narrow-sighted and minded to even watch something like this that would confront their beliefs so absolutely. I had watched a couple of the UFO Hunter episodes earlier in the day, and they had some of the same events covered. In fact, James Fox had tagged along on one of the episodes. Anyhow, I really enjoyed the documentary. I only wish more people would see it!! I work in the entertainment industry and have for more than eleven years. There's definitely an interest in this subject (obviously!!), and I think sometimes the way to reach the mainstream audiences to expose them to this level of information is through a series or film. That way people can take it just as entertainment if they wish, but more likely, they'll become more interested in the whole topic.

Anyhow, thanks for your post and I'm going to check out your blog some more!!


At 3:01 PM, Blogger Brian said...

Hey MMC,

Thanks for your comments! I wish the current political climate would allow this movie to get the same attention that Michael Moore is getting...and you are right...people would turn out to see this!

Unfortunately, if it's not about evil aliens blowing up the Earth and giving us one more thing to fear, it's not going to happen.


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