Friday, March 10, 2006

Periodic New Commentary

So these college guys burned down a bunch of churches in the South.

Yesterday it was released in the news that they did it because it was a joke that got out of hand, then they had to burn more churches to cover their tracks.

Today they are saying that alcohol 'may' have been involved.

I'm going to say alcohol, some weed and some inbreeding to be sure....

Who thinks like this?

Let's imagine that you think it would be funny to break your mother's lamp.

Because it's really not all that funny anyway, unless you're no more than about 10 years old, but that's pushing it.

Or drunk and high and you're multi-related to your relatives.

So you break the lamp, and then in your drunken stupor you think, 'Oh no, mom's going to be mad when she's found out that we broke her lamps!'

'The only thing we can do to cover our tracks is to break more lamps!'

'Great idea!'

Either that, or maybe they just wanted to burn a lot of churches, and then they said, 'if we get caught just tell them that it was a joke that got out of hand, and that alcohol might have been involved. I'm sure they'll understand.'

The only problem with that story, even if it is true-what joke in the world could possibly lead to churches getting burned?

The truth is, it's not funny. And now we've got 10 more people that are going to be caught up in the legal system instead of the educational system they were in.


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