Monday, April 10, 2006

More XK3

I see a lot of people are coming out to my website looking for Hammond XK3 information.

I'm really enjoying the new organ, certainly missing the old C3 and Leslie....

BTW, if anyone knows where a beat up but functional, heck, even just a complete 710 or two is, I would appreciate knowing...not looking for mint condition equipment, this is road gear here.

During rehearsal last week I plugged the XK3 into Gateway's lavish sound system. Gateway's lavish sound system confirmed for me that I didn't like the way the onboard equalizer controls were set by the factory. It was rather dull, no better than any synthesizer.

It probably would have been fine if I was running it through a Leslie, but the manual had some good suggestions about how to compensate with the equalizer.

I took my home pa and set the amp flat, and cranked up the equalizer to my liking and right away I had a virtual Leslie coming through the pa with a lively Hammond sound.

Think of the equalizer buttons similar to the tone control buttons on your Leslie.

This is a very good example of why I like the XK3 over it's competitors. With the Korg, the Nord Electro, you're stuck with what you get.

It's also a very good example of why you need to know what a real vintage Hammond and a good Leslie sounds like together before trying to set up this instrument.

This weekend I played with JJ, one of the world's finest bass players, so I wasn't running my own bass lines.

I found it helpful to try to keep the 4th, 3rd and 2nd fingers of my left hand on the brake, the on and fast buttons that control the Leslie.

By the way, under the left side of the XK3, near where the Leslie buttons are, there are 2 small drilled holes on the bottom of the steel case, this is for the traditional style switch we all know and love.

Contact Hammond for the switch that works with the XK-3.

Indispensable accessories in addition to the switch would be the EXP-100 expression pedal, which works not only as a volume pedal but also has a Leslie switch.

If you get the other volume pedal, then an extra footswitch for turning on and off the Leslie is also important, especially for playing jazz organ where both hands are working full time.

The first thing I want to get of the major cost options would be the 25 note pedal board that MIDIs into the XK3. But do I get the Leslie first??? AHHH!!!!


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