Friday, March 24, 2006

Bopworks Drumsticks


No one hardly thinks very much about them.

Unless you're a drummer.

Then it's almost an obsession.

A professional drummer may carry around several different pairs of drumsticks for different applications, depending on the cirumstances.

Well now, the professional drummer has one more choice.

Austin jazz drummer Chris Bennett, owner of Bopworks, has observed that cymbal technology has greatly improved in the last several years, specifically relating to those preferred by jazz musicians.

The problem is that most jazz gigs these days are done in small clubs, and it can be very difficult to control the volume of the ride cymbal, even for an experiened player.

"You don't want to build up sound on the ride cymbal and overwhelm the other members of the band, you want to hear the definition of each attack on the cymbal," Chris observes.

Hence the Bopworks Savoy Jazz and Birdland models that Chris has just released. Two additional models will be added by the end of March, giving drummers four choices on the unique taper and tip.

Observing his Comparisons page at, one will note that his sticks are shorter, and have slightly different tips.

These are differences that will make astounding difference in the feel of the stick in its relationship to the cymbals.

Drummers who have started using these are also amazed by the feel of the stick. Their observations are on the "testimonial" page of the website.

You can also hear examples of Chris's excellent drumming with Neo Trio at his website and his jazz band's website


At 12:12 PM, Blogger WinniePhew said...

And you know ... to the casual observer, I bet those drumsticks would go great with dressing and gravy ...

But I'm just an old frustrated trombone player who's too old to get a pucker anymore ...

But whatever sticks he uses I love your music on the web site ...

WinniePhew --


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