Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More Cleaning/Computer Hero

Last night I had a dream that I found some trash in my apartment.

I rolled around in it, happy as a hog.

Rather strange dream, it seems.

In reality, I have moved on to cleaning the bathroom. I plan to be in there for the better part of this week. I started last night. It's not necessary to describe what I'm doing in there, let's just understand that after 30 minutes of cleaning it looks better, but it's not done.

In other news, my friend Ann thinks I am a computer wiz.

Her fax wasn't coming on, and she thought it was because a friend of hers had disconnected and reconnected her network wrong. She had gone and disconnected a bunch of connections and didn't know how to get it back together.

I checked it out, and everything was plugged in right, but the fax wasn't coming on.

I unplugged the fax from the surge protector and tried another socket on the strip and it came right on.

Still, no internet activity.

We found the internet cable was disconnected, and we plugged that back into her phone jack.

Then, the beautifully annoying sounds of her connecting modem began successfully drowning out every other sound in her house.

I was able to access the settings menu and turn down the volume.

Now I am a computer hero as far as Ann is concerned.


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