Monday, March 13, 2006

More Cleaning

Saturday morning I got a bookcase straightened up, centered my bed in my room and completely cleaned up the floor in my apartment.

That night when I came in I cleaned up a dresser and a file cabinet next to my bed.

Now I'm working on a bigger bookcase next to my bed which kind of serves as a catch all.

It includes some watercolors I did several years ago, Lamar University Alumni magazines, a Palm Pilot that doesn't work along with its box, those little compact music scores of major classical works, and all my textbooks from music school.

On top of this bookcase are my bicycle motocross trophies, and everytime I look at these, I think of the song, 'The Old Rugged Cross'.

...'til my trophies at last I lay down....

In front of those trophies is one of those yellow Tonka dump trucks with a bunch of cassette tapes in the back, and then a stack of photographs next to that.

Saturday, after Michelle went to work, I went over to my studio and washed all my clothes while I practiced.

Since I'm still having trouble with the dryer, I took the dryables to the laundromat, and by this time it was a little after 9. Then Michelle met me and we ate at Aranda's, great Mexican food.

I took the day off Sunday-well I did a little bit last night. It was so nice not having anything that needed to be done on Sunday.


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