Friday, July 28, 2006

Hate Does Not Eradicate Hate

The following is a quote from CNN in regards to the the war in the Middle East:

Friday's Washington meeting follows an Italian conference of key Middle East decision-makers that failed to agree on an immediate cease-fire as the United States, backed by Britain, insisted any halt to violence should be linked to a wider effort to disarm Hezbollah.

A senior U.N. diplomat has described the mood at those talks as somber. He said all the parties but the United States wanted an immediate cessation of fighting to make room for more negotiations and humanitarian aid.

Rice argued that taking such an approach would leave Hezbollah in place and armed with rockets.

It is clear from news like this that we have not reached the critical mass of peace in our country that we need to reach for our leaders to begin making decisions that will encourage peace.

Now some will continue to be critical of the current administration and Ms. Rice...but again, hate does not eradicate hate. Simply directing more hate to the administration will add to our collective hate and contine to make the problem worse. It's time to come to a critical mass of peace within ourselves to make this change.


At 10:54 AM, Blogger Chad said...

At the risk of seeming clicheish I can't help but think of the words of Christ. Blessed are the peacemakers... I can't help but consider his life. Even as his fate loomed and others around him would have declared a war he chose a different path.

It certainly takes a great deal more strength to be one who strives for shalom.


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