Friday, July 21, 2006

Policemen on Horses

I live in this neighborhood-it's not the greatest or anything like that, the apartment I live in is probably the safest place on the block. I wouldn't want to live much anywhere else in this part of town, across or down the street, or whatever.

Sometimes at night when I am driving down the street, the police will have people pulled over and there will might be a small group of people 'assuming the position' against a vehicle.

Every so often I read reports of 'girls for hire' that walk up and down this same street. I've never seen any myself, and you can probably take that to the bank.

Several months ago someone shot a police officer at a nearby intersection. I'm not sure if they caught the guy, he ran off on foot and they chased him into an irrigation pond, and he never came out.

The neighborhood is probably not going to be on the 'Tour of Homes' circuit.

This is why I was a little puzzled when I saw two of APD's finest on horses.

I could understand 'armored vehicle', or 'battering rams' or 'battalions', but I'm not sure what the horses were supposed to convey.

Horses are typically used on 6th street at the end of a weekend night when they are clearing the streets of inebriated silly people and are letting cars back on.

It was a strange sight.

I'm not sure what the threat is of this presence.

I've seen bicycle cops in the neighborhood, maybe it's more for personal police presence.

This morning I was leaving my apartment and a motorcycle cop coming the other way cut way over close to me, perhaps he was checking inspection stickers.

Those motorcycle cops are pretty crazy.


At 9:22 PM, Blogger Deana Nall said...

You got somethin' against INEBRIATED SILLY PEOPLE???

I hear you're coming down for my birthday/Jenna's birthday/Julia's Bible Hour graduation/our going away party. See you then!


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