Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mr. President, You Can Listen To My Calls

Why is everybody getting up in arms over the government listening to private phone calls?

As if somebody thought they were saying something important enough to warrant concern.

As if.

To those people so alarmed, I say this: the government doesn't really care about your stupid phone calls.

I don't either, but everyday I'm subjected to it.

In any public gathering, there can always be found somebody blabbing away about stuff I'm not sure that the person they are talking to wants to hear about.

If I or anyone else ever were to hear somebody talking on the phone about blowing up something or killing someone, the government knows that we would notify proper authorities.

Or on the highway, if I was ever to see someone talking in their car on their phone and make a gesturing motion suggesting an explosion, that would be something to report.

Then there is always this issue about the right to protect privacy.

The real protection is the right to be able to have whoever they want to listen to their phone calls.

Anybody except the government.

If you want to have to the right to shout your phone number and your address into your cell phone in a room full of strangers, be my guest.

If you want those within your listening distance, who you don't know, overhear your schedule for the day and what time you're going to be home alone, don't look at me to get in your way.

Just be aware, it's not the government you need to be concerned about.


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