Monday, May 01, 2006

EXP-100 Pedal for the XK3

Last night I got the EXP-100 pedal for my Hammond XK3.

It is indispensable for not only the volume but it also has a switch to turn on and off the Leslie. I'm not sure but if I now prefer to have that switch on the pedal, especially not having the bass pedals for the XK3.

By the way, a friend of mine in Austin recently got the XK3 system, and I've gotten to play on it several times. It is connected to a vintage Leslie speaker, and it sounds very good.

I was explaining to Michelle the benefits of having this pedal after having serenaded her over the phone with children's songs.

The pedal is critical for recreating music such as Don Patterson's 'The Good Life'.

So she asked me will the pedal help me play 'Row Row Row Your Boat'?

'Yes, dear.'

That was just too funny.


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