Monday, May 01, 2006

Michelle's Sister Noele

Among other concerns, Michelle's sister Noele was having some congestion last week.

The congestion and the other concerns did not go away.

Noele went to the doctor, and the doctor told her to go to the hospital.

The hospital tests found tumors all over her body.

She doesn't look sick.

Heck, she doesn't even ACT sick.

She acts like somebody who has a cold and just happens to be in medical icu.

It seems the only reason she's as sick as she is, is because the doctors, who Noele has renamed 'The Doom Team', are saying she's so sick.

It would make more sense if the doctors came in and said, 'whoops, we're sorry, we made a mistake, we got your records confused with someone else's records. Take some Claritin and call your family doctor in the morning if you don't feel better.'

This mother of 4 was busily raising 4 kids last week aged 3-13, now she's in the hospital.

As always, Noele is a pillar of strength for her family, even in their concern for her.

Throughout the weekend she continued to run the family quite well by phone from her room.

No doubt, Noele's parents made some strong daughters.

If I was one of those tumors inside Noele, I'd be scared.

Noele's 4 kids came over to Michelle's house on Friday. Saturday night Michelle and I took them to a park and then to Marble Slab for ice cream.

That seemed to reduce their energy level, which was good.

But it seemed to reduce our energy level, too.

In fact, it reduced our energy level way more than it reduced theirs.

So we just locked ourselves in the bathroom and got real quiet everytime somebody came looking for us.

Calgon moments are important. I always wondered until this weekend where Calgon would take someone.

It doesn't matter! Anywhere but here.

Don't go calling CPS on us, Michelle's parents were there also, and we had the kids zoned out on Walt Disney something or other.

Noele's going in for radiation treatment on her brain today.

We think 'The Doom Team' is going to find out that radiation treatments do not cure the common cold.


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