Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Digging To The Other Side Side of the Earth

Please remain calm as you read this.

There is no need for panic.

Apparently, some school age kids have devised a plot to dig through to the other side of the earth.

Most of you may just regard this as silliness, but they have published on the internet a book of detailed plans to carry through with this.

When you download the book, click to the right of cover page, there is a small red x that allows you to read the book, entitled 'How to Dig a Hole to the Other Side of the Earth'.

Apparently it was conceived of in 1998 by Mrs. White's class at Gilbert Linkous Elementary.

Don't let that fool you though, it's a very detailed work, whoever put this together was very familiar with geology and the formation of the Earth. The only thing they have spared us is the actual date of the beginning of this dig.

Hopefully they have not started.


At 9:31 AM, Blogger WinniePhew said...

You know, I can hear something moving around under our house at night while I'm trying to sleep. You reckon it's those crazy kids?


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